Saturday, September 17, 2011

Make it difficult why don't you

In a freakishly misguided attempt to divert my life from the current chaotic path I decided to invest in a little self-help despite my initial dubious and possible sarcastic view of the whole concept.

So, first out, think positive thoughts.  Um, ok I've spent most of my life as the eternal optimist only to get kicked in the teeth every time, that is why I am so pessimistic now.  There are only so many kicks you can get before you take the hint.

You reap what you sow.  I do believe in that.  Like the little fairies chant in the previous post.  (Actually, maybe I should do that as a little life affirmation every day - oh god they did stop the Oprah show didn't they and here I am spouting drivel!)  Anyway, positive is supposed to attract positive.  Ok, again I've tried that my whole life with little success.

Next, gratitude.  Not only that but list one hundred things, every day. 

One hundred.

Can I repeat some of them?  Maybe break them down into subsections?

One hundred.

How easy would that be for other people?  Is it just me who finds that a little ambitious a number?  I just got stuck on the third page - well done.

This is going to be very hard but as I said, gullible is me and I am making the idea of life beginning at 40 a true wish.  I only have three months tops of this life before then.  Here is hoping that this crap works.

Ooops, positive, yeah, positive.  Got to attract that positive.  Can't use the exhaustion as an excuse for this I don't think.

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