Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge - I'm keeping at this you know

Now we're on Day 13 (it's only taken a few months, I'm doing well) which is...

Favourite Chick Flick

This is not something I would  naturally admit to watching but I do, and have a tendency to have a good weep or chortle along like a good audience should.  The line between chick flick and love story must be a fine one but I'm thinking that chick flick should have some form of female friendship at the heart of it.

There is an obvious choice blaring like a klaxon - which is ironic considering that is the noise made by the main protagonists as they honk their way from one "adventure" in the Big City to another.  Oh you see, I gave a clue.

I've seen both those films, I do not know why as neither offered more than the comforting knowledge that (apart from the nice houses) I am glad my life did not take that completely soulless road.

So, my choice is about grown-up friendships and, oh look, there's a boy in it too and for added bonus - books!

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