Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's been an utter poo of a day so...

Movie challenge!!!  Really, desperately needed to divert attention from current car crash going on in life - yes *another* one, what can I say I obviously attract disaster.

Day 17: Least favourite book adaptation

Hmmn, now let me see.  Ah yes, that would be this turgid pile of cinematic crapola...

Now I was considering an adaptation where not only had I disliked the film but also the book on which it was based but that seemed to defeat the whole purpose.  A least favourite book adaptation should really be a disappointment of sorts.  Where they (the they being the film people naturally) have taken a much loved source and quite literally stuffed it up.

So I was thinking, what film did I desperately want to see and then wish I'd saved the money I spent on the cinema ticket.

It has to be the latest adaptation of Little Women.  I don't know what it was, perhaps the spectacularly miscast Whine-ona Ryder as Jo.  Something was just completely wrong.  

I had read all these books as a girl.  These were familiar characters.  I adored the 1940s interpretation even if it was a little twee - it seemed to have the right old-fashion atmosphere, that cosy family feeling.  It was a film to cheer the soul.

The new one did have a lot of the right components from the book, it was just bad.

(Had I to chose a least favourite adaptation from a book that was also dire then it would be Eat, Pray, Love - dear God but that woman was a selfish mare, get over yourself!  The whole world doesn't revolve around you!  Anyway, the film had Javier Bardem so not a complete loss - yes I did watch the film despite giving up on the book after the poor-mes got too much!)

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