Thursday, April 26, 2012


This boy is having a hard time of it just now.  I don't quite know how to help him and I'm putting this down to growing pains as he stretches once again in body and mind:  finding out who he is and wearing trainers that I can now borrow.

As Youngest Hobbit he has always been the comedian, the one I needn't worry about, the one who was a certainty in everything.  While his brother sailed emotional waves this boy kept calm with the occasional burst of fire.

Over the past week he has been tetchy, crying and taking offence at the slightest thing, distant one minute and super-huggy the next.  His brother meanwhile is the same old Eldest Hobbit, he has pretty much discovered his personality and we do have a rocky time with him sometimes - he just doesn't make life easy for himself when he goes in one of his strops but that is who he is and we love him for it.  For the majority of the time he is artistic, imaginative and articulate.  

So Eldest Hobbit and I will wait and see where Youngest goes next.  They have Cub camp this weekend, a whole weekend to myself!  Not that I'll do anything, this PVF has made me very boring.  That could be my new personality; boring, stick-at-home woman.  Let's hope, like the growing pains, it doesn't last.

P.S.  Through another blog I read I came across this P52 project far too late in the day to jump in and be involved.  But as I am always looking for challenges (see the 30 years Days fiasco and I was much better in the days of 26 Things) then I thought I'd take the titles and see where it went.  Who knows I might just catch up with them.  So I'll add the P52 tag as they are meant to inspire photos and we'll see where we get to, hopefully the originator doesn't mind me messing up her whole system.

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