Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Things You Can Find

...when not really looking.

Today started auspiciously with a visit to the optician.  Eldest had managed to snap the spring in his specs leg.  He had been given into trouble at the school the previous day for forgetting his P.E. kit and it really wasn't shaping up to be a grand week.  I had just dropped him back off at school and off I went to the doctors for the monthly "I'm sorry there is nothing to do but wait for this to pass" appointment.

In the time I had beforehand I popped in to the local charity shop which is my wont to do.  And for once I found a gem...A whole set of little books filled with colourful, painted cards.  The type once collected from - well in this case from tea bag boxes and (hush now) cigarette cartons. (Daddy, you've might have cancer from all those ciggies but thanks for the mini cards!)

I adore things like this, old books, old illustrations.  There is almost an essence captured within that makes them my own personal catnip!  So here we have...


Being the fussy kind I did leave behind the ones featuring cars - but the wildlife and fauna were mine all mine!  Someone spent a lot of time collecting these, carefully (in most cases) pasting in the little cards and it is a little sad that they ended up here.  Yet I now have them and they will be cherished.  The Hobbits have had a good look through and gave a thumbs up wondering why they didn't have anything like that - now it is cartoon characters and expensive card sets to "catch 'em all".


My favourite has to be the oldest, or at least I presume it is as this is the only one with a date, written on the top right corner of the front - 1937.  


I also managed to bag a book published in 1932 on exploring the Highlands of the British Isles (they're not all up here in Scotland apparently) and a book on Frankfurt am Main (1973) with beautiful photographs showing the city, including some of the treasures that were lost in the bombing raids of WW2.

I just lap this up like a happy cat and am content.  Let the world wash over me, ignore the phone, the day was much more interesting after that.  If only I could have afforded the bird paintings featured in the window - the day would have been complete.  At £5 each I may just decide to have a little splurge.

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