Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Is The Sucky Thing About T'internet

Many moons ago (in real terms about 10/11 years) I came up with what I thought was a witty take on an internet nickname.  It incorporated both my nationality in the form of ripping off and changing the name of a famous film that had come out a few years earlier.  I had made a joke at the time that if the protagonist had been female they could have called the film this.

No, I'm not saying it out loud because if anyone does read this and then Google it - well I don't want to involve myself in an online spat...look let me explain further.

So I signed up for Twitter several years ago (2009) and did nothing with it but I had used this nickname and not the moniker I had adopted in the intervening years.  TwoIfBySea; taken from my time living north of Boston and the fact that I now had twins.  Quite clever I thought in a smug yet woolly brained way (like I said, I'd had twins, recently, well you try and think straight!)

You may, or probably may not, have noticed the change in my Twitter name recently.

Turns out someone else thought of this witty take too and they look much more professional and polished that scruffy old me.  I feel strangely and ridiculously sad that I have to kind of give up on the old nickname, the new "old nickname" person doesn't look the type to take kindly to who used it first.

Ach there is more to life to worry about but it does feel sucky.

And yes, today, 1212121212121212 ya ya.

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