Sunday, April 14, 2013

Holidays At Home

Not home home as such but this year, instead of a solitary day on the Isle of Cumbrae where we go to remember my dad we spent an entire, delicious week.

Just like the holidays I had at my boys' age only colder, it being a Scottish Easter and much earlier this year than last.  So it ended up that as we were leaving the (very slightly) warmer weather was arriving.

Still, the boys managed the obligatory and much fun cycle round the island, I did my best before the CFS kicked in - I'm really feeling it now but glad I pushed through, sometimes consequences are worth it!  We spent the days roaming the town of Millport us and the dog, exploring everywhere, rockpools, beaches, ice cream at the Ritz Cafe.  Bliss.  And by evening, when tiredness washed over me at least, we played board games and did jigsaws because we're rock n' roll like that.

Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, the rocks are made for clambering

Three islands in one, taken from Cumbrae, looking over to the isle of Bute with Arran in the background.

On a clear day Arran makes a spectacular view.

The castle on Wee Cumbrae island, privately owned and for sale the island is which is not really a good thing.
The view from the bay where my dad rests, I always think he'd enjoying it greatly.

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