Monday, April 22, 2013

So - This Happened

About two or so years ago both Hobbits decided they would like pets of their own. I had the dog, the cats...well they had themselves and whoever had a warm lap on offer but the boys, geared on by their friends' pet ownership, wanted to take care of something by themselves.

As they already unquestioningly help care for the current pets I was fairly open to this suggestion.  Now what would the pet be?

Having had a guinea pig & hamster I knew the ropes as far as those animals were concerned.  Rabbits, well I've never thought they particularly liked small people that much & remembering my aunt's beast, who would eat the curtains & attack any ankle that dared pass by, we quickly ruled that out.  I would have loved another guinea pig, Brownie (for that was her name) would cuddle into my cardi as I did my homework, making those adorable squeaks as she chatted away to me.  What can I say, being an only child sucked.

Rules were set out, the pets would be each boy's responsibility.  Before they were chosen each boy would also have to show a good knowledge of care.  I've raised the boys to understand animals have a right to be cared for properly & it is something we are all passionate about. 

Eldest decided on a hamster, along came Dragonborn & he does a good job of looking after him.  I showed him how to clean the cage twice & Eldest has done everything himself since, more than occasionally getting annoyed when I say "Have you remembered...?" Eye roll & sarcastic inflect on response "Yes, mum!"

Youngest, however, set his heart on a gecko of all things.  Oh crikey, thought I, how would you take care of that?  Unlike Eldest I would have no tips or prior experience.  Youngest was set the task to become a gecko expert & had to wait until I felt he was old enough for the this.

Patience pays off & welcome to the clan Arby the leopard gecko!

She's very sweet & has taken to perching on Youngest's shoulder when out of her vivarium.  Incredibly nosy, she'll come running up to see who's come into the room & will tap the glass with her fingernails to be let out.  Youngest hovers around the thermometer,  updating nearly hourly until I told him, unless its too hot or too cold don't worry!  The live hoppers are fairly stupid, we covered up their pen to stop them banging the side with their heads.  All in all she is a great addition to the family.

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