Monday, August 31, 2015

Day Three - Oh, This Should Be Good...

What are your top three pet peeves?

On my transition to the end goal of being a curmudgeonly old dear, which I realise it isn't too far a stretch from my current frame of mind, now I have to whittle it down to three pet peeves.  Only three!

Again, in no particular order of getting on my frazzled nerves we have:

Manners - and lack thereof.  Seriously, it doesn't have to be all "please" and "thank you" but a smile when someone opens the door, a sorry when you bump into someone, giving someone a hand where needed, costs nothing.  Despite this society becoming even more "I'm alright Jack" (see the attitude of No voters in the Scottish referendum last year for a prime example) there really is no need.  This idea of it being all to do with the young is utter rot as there are plenty of mean-spirits amongst the baby boomer age.  It's not about deference but makes for a kinder life to show some respect to each other.

Snobbery - not to be mistaken with lack of manners but there is a definite link.  You are not better by the amount in your bank, by the house you live in or by the car you drive and yet so many believe it to be so.  Living in a town with a large middle-class population I see it quite often, I see it in the adults and I see it in how they raise their children.  Strangely those with very little and those with an awful lot seem not to be affected by this smugness - it's just the middle, terrified of being seen as being anything less than what they want to think they are and completely missing the point.  Take the person on their actions, not the fa├žade they present.

Exclusion - and here I'm going to get a little more specific.  If all the kids in a class are invited to a party except for one, if friends go out on a night out but don't bother contacting one of the group, if family members have a get together and purposefully exclude just one - it's just not nice.  Of course that person being excluded might be a horror or utter pain in the neck, in which case there are ways to deal with it but it often isn't the case.  I've seen it happen, it does annoy me when it is none of my business and drives me crazy when it does.  

So, those are my three peeves that will have me chewing my gums in annoyance when I see them happen. I could have gone for things like tail-gating motorists, littering and "expats" but I shall leave them for another day.

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