Tuesday, November 03, 2015

This Is Me Since Yesterday...

Actually the old Scottish saying is not exactly apt as this is me since the beginning of October.  Caught in the ebb and flow of a monster cold that just won't give up.  Now son 2 of 2 has suffered the same fate to the point that he has been off school for a week, the longest absence he has ever had since...well, since he started nursery all those years ago.  Then today son 1 of 2 was allowed to stay at home due to having zero sleep last night with all the coughing.  You know it's bad when your eyeballs are hurting and we're resorting to the "Vicks in socks" tonight as a last resort.  Everyone swears by it and it's certainly more appealing than the "onion syrup" remedy offered by a Polish friend.

There is a pity party going on at our house.  No one is invited.

(On another note, while trying and failing to find a witty illustrative depiction of our current crisis I came across the image below...wtf? Niagara Falls is nice and all but was it a strategic target?  I have a feeling the booklet would be full of the useless advice given to us during the 80s; hide behind a door, paint your windows white, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.  That last one may just be made up.)

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