Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trying Not To Be Philosophical Today

I'm feeling a little lost without the routine of working everything around the boys and so, my dinnertime viewing was the film Dan In Real Life. Interesting that the moment the main character steps away from devoting his entire time to his family they become a little selfish.

It's probably something I've covered before but when the boys' father left I decided to...well, devote my entire time to my family. What was left of it. Of course there were issues of trust and esteem that I don't think I'll ever work out to my satisfaction. It seemed the right choice then and it still seems the right choice now. Certainly if the way the boys have turned out is anything to go by then a pat on the back for single parenthood.

Loneliness is not a factor. There are times though...

Anyway, I'm wittering on and all I should really be doing is sending another photograph out into the ether.

It's cold and wet outside so naturally my thoughts return to warmer climates and fond memories and wishing I had a lovely, peaceful holiday to look forward to again. You never know. Relaxation, beautiful surroundings, heat in your bones and a good Joanne Harris book to enjoy - what could be better?

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