Sunday, April 10, 2016

Under The Bridge

Forth Bridge

There live no trolls under this bridge, well, not on the Lothian side at least. This was taken back in the day when Scotland had a ferry service to Europe, long for those days to come back. Also far enough ago that the bridge was still in it's 'forever painting' phase.

Now they have some magical paint that doesn't need continually refreshed so the bridge is scaffold free.


Again, I wish we had a ferry link to Europe, it's ridiculous we don't but that's what you get as part of this union. We get to drive to Newcastle or Hull, our only other option is the plane. We were also promised quick links to the Eurotunnel that never appeared either. Ah well. We still got to pay for it though and that's always good. ::sarcasm button deployed::

I hear it said that the ferry wasn't used, which doesn't make sense as when we tried to rebook (Rosyth - Zeebrugge) it was always full. Sure, it would need subsidised, most ferries do. Despite my fear of boats (thanks Titanic) I quite liked the over night journey. Outside cabin of course - like, I could have gotten out of that window if anything happened? You just watch me and I would have made sure my then four-year-old sons were with me!

I wonder if it has to take independence for us to be fully integrated with the rest of Europe, to have proper transport links. Naturally I want independence anyway but it's evident how much we've been held back, how many believe we don't 'deserve' to be a fully-fledged country. It's really quite a sad indictment of Scotland.

Well, this post took a dark step, you never can tell where the photographs will take you.

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