Thursday, May 12, 2016

Originality vs Reality

The purse has just taken another car related hit and I realise the time has come to face one of those situations I dread - buying a new car. Old Car is beginning to show it's age - nearly 10 years old after all, so it's more expensive to keep than get rid and how I wish it wasn't the case. Not that I am particularly attached to Old Car.

There is some difference in what I would really love to own -

Oh, lovely, lovely minty car!

Compared to what will fit me, two gangly teens and Happy Dog, plus all the usual crap we seem to trawl with us every time we leave the house. (Parent myth; you carry a lot of stuff when you have a baby. Nah, it's nothing to life with teens!)


Then there is the nasty truth of what I can afford, playing in the background as my forever song at the moment. (I can *easily* afford my dream car, which is an irony in itself!)

No doubt I will be given lots of advice, lots of conflicting advice, on what is best, easiest to run, good for the environment! I wish it was easier, I wish I didn't have to face the inevitable car salesmen/women but here we are. That's a lot of wishes going on, let's see where we end up.

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