Saturday, June 04, 2016

Art Therapy For A Tough Year

What do you call someone infatuated with Pinterest? That sounds like the set-up for a joke but there has to be a name for it other than Pinner, surely?

Carry on regardless. Another legend gone this year - Muhammad Ali, I'm not a fan of boxing but you can't really fault a man who can say this (about not wanting to fight in Vietnam):

He didn't run off to Canada, he didn't hide or find a way to avoid service through loopholes - as many (rich white) men did, a few subsequently becoming politicians. Well, once you wriggle your way out of a situation while condemning others, without the same means, for wanting to do likewise, there really is only one occupation for you.

Anyway, back to the Pinterest thing.

I Pin quite a lot of images and then only get the chance to see them every so often. So I thought, in my usual way, it would be opportune for me to share them here too. Some might have made their way onto one of my boards, some might just encapsulate how I'm feeling that day.

I also enjoy retweeting images that catch my eye and my mind, like today:

Woman Before the Rising Sun - Caspar David Friedrich, c.1818
Because some days you just have to pause and take it all in. 

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