Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Holidays On Prescription

I can see it now, the same kind of people who feel their tax money should be hoarded in caves and protected by dragons, they'd flip at the idea I'm about to propose.

The title gave it away; holidays on prescription.

Perhaps it does sound like a huge drain on money but consider this: next week we're off to Millport for the week. It's been tough scraping enough for this cheap holiday but I know I'll reap the benefits health wise which will obviously filter down to my sons and my work productivity on returning home. Had I been going somewhere with guaranteed sun and all inclusive (ooh, I can hear the snorts of derision) the benefits would last much longer.

Okay, maybe not free holidays but some scheme that would allow you to pay the amount back over a longer period of time. Holiday companies are not charities. Not saying they should be. However, it would be nice for everyone, regardless of what they earn, to have the joy of travel and a week of relaxation, not just the privileged or those who have large credit card limits.

Think of it as a tax break for those not earning enough to squirrel their money away into tax avoidance/evasion schemes. Oh, I think I've just thought of a way to pay for it! Wouldn't society be much nicer when everyone had a break from the grind? When people couldn't asset strip companies, rob pensions, buying yachts and private jets while the regular employees face the bleak cliff face of the dole and a poor retirement? Wouldn't that make for a healthier, happier place?

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