Friday, July 01, 2016

Refreshing Days and Monster Thoughts

The family have just returned from a much needed, desperately needed, few days away at - you guessed it - Millport, Isle of Cumbrae.

What a bloody week, was so glad that the internet was intermittent as it meant I could block out most of what has been happening since, once again, Scotland is being dragged into a position it did not make. Strangely, perhaps because of the distance, I feel disconnected. I am so beyond frustrated with people not seeing the bigger picture. Of course, I'm not saying I am correct in my assumptions on how things should be but the pettiness, the snide "well, I'm not changing my mind even though it makes me look like a prat" and I'm just fed up to the back teeth with them.

This will be known as the period where 'Britain' went barmy over being European, my identity goes Scottish and then European so that's me stuffed then. Have never considered myself as British, won't wrap myself in that flag and go all snivelly over the Queen. This referendum has done what countless elections have failed to do, I now no longer give a flying fuck about people or this country.  Hell mend you all and sod you for ruining my sons' chances of living and working abroad and for ruining my escape plan.

So...being miles away on a small island was good then, really.

The weather wasn't great but this is Scotland and you don't go on holiday for the weather. I have noticed someone in my group of friends has recently started this little chipping at things I'm doing so I expect some comment from her when we all meet up Tuesday about the poor weather.

You know what, we wore raincoats, sucked it up and enjoyed having sand in our toes, sea crunchy hair and jellyfish spotting anyway.

Photos to follow and won't that be much better than my grumbling self.

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