Sunday, July 10, 2016

When You Deal With Enough Provocation

There comes a time when the frustration of two years ago reinstates itself - in fact, it happens a lot nowadays. Perhaps the tide is turning, perhaps not. I don't underestimate the amount of stubborn, pig-headed people who will never change their views (because I am one!) But with all the crap we've been dealt with, all the lies exposed, being dragged out of the EU, about to have Trident nuclear weapons updated against our will, surely there can't be many who haven't seen the clear evidence we need to be independent?

Regardless, we'll be there with the facts again, I expect all the newspapers to do their best to trumpet all the misinformation again and not do their research. Take quotes out of context, ramp up the Project Fear machine, completely ignore the other side of the argument, oh we've seen it all before. If anyone believes them now then more fool them.


...positivity and hope never die.

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