Monday, October 31, 2016

Samhain Ramblings Of A Lost Mind

I may be still pinging around like a pinball in an arcade machine but there is clarity ahead. A clarity that might just see me open this blog to the viewing public so I better start editing and stop writing daft guff all the time for my own amusement.

2016 has been a rum old year, full of weirdness and not the kind of weirdness that will ever be looked back on fondly. Next month might see a new American President whose campaign has put me in mind of the society in A Handmaid's Tale - a fine book but you wouldn't want to live there.

One thing this year is doing right is autumn. There is a welcome chill in the air, the trees are wearing their finest fiery clothes in their last gasp before winter slumber. It's the season for soups and cosy gloves and is heartily needed, a freshness in the air after such a stale summer.

So, bring it on November, I see you and raise you the challenge of the previous months. Be kind, be generous and let this year slip out without any further horror stories from the powerful, the mess that was the Brexit vote was enough.

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