Saturday, December 10, 2016

End of Days

I recently joined in with the mass panic attack as America voted in possibly the vilest man they have as President. No, seriously, it's not hyperbole, he truly is vile.

Of course, you would need to have been on the Moon not to have known this yet enough people were content to elect that as their representative, the head of state of their nation. Well, when I say enough the vote broke down thus - 25.something% for Hillary Clinton, 25.slightly more% for Trump and 49% didn't vote. Hardly 'the nation has spoken' and I wonder how that 49% feel today. (I'll ignore the two million plus votes for Hillary over Trump that has appeared in recounts and found down the back of the sofa, as that brings in the argument on the US Electoral College and no one has time for that).

After over two years of frustrating votes (indyref, Tories, Brexit, this) I am about done with democracy. Watching pompous assholes have their over inflated egos pumped further by an electorate pulled along by blustering rhetoric is galling.

Then I remembered. We survived (just) them voting in George W. Bush. Twice. This is not new, this selfish vote. We hope to grow in emotional intelligence with every generation, to evolve into better human beings. But we don't. We just go round in circles and this one has taken us back to 1933.

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