Saturday, December 23, 2006

Currently Reading aka The Lovely Surprise

I should have written this on Tuesday when it happened but there you go, I wouldn't have been able to say anything about the book itself. So there.
Let me explain myself. On Tuesday we were sitting in the living room up to our eyes, literally, in wrapping paper and various toys. Outside a delivery van drives up, Husband and I look at each other, I'm not expecting anything, neither is he. As the Amazon package is handed over I begin wondering if I had ordered anything that was out of stock to be delivered later.
Nope, instead it was a lovely present from my American Friend, forever known on here now as Hazelnut.
The book is one she had previously talked about I Like You (Hospitality Under The Influence) by Amy Sedaris. Last year, for Christmas, she sent a whole bunch of books by David Sedaris, whatever Mummy Sedaris fed them as children they have grown up into very funny, very witty writers.
I hadn't heard of David Sedaris before Hazelnut mentioned him and reading those books led to a very merry Christmas indeed. I've only just started this book but already I was up to 1am last night reading it which is a very good sign for someone like me, cantankerous and hard to please where books are concerned. And there are recipes! Take that Delia (or Martha for any Americans.)
Now I must go and make my self-esteem collage using pictures of people I wish I was! Quote of the week "Accentuate The Positives - Medicate The Negatives." Wonder what Christmas is like a chez Sedaris.

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