Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jingle Balls

Nope, it is just not happening this year.

Despite eldest hobbit being the donkey in the school nativity. Despite youngest hobbit being the "green" traveller in same nativity - does this mean he is powered by wind, he sure is. Despite having, as always, bought all the presents, wrapping paper and most of the Christmas dinner (pre-prepared, will I ever live this down?)


Where is it?


Usually I have the cards written on the 1st December, the menu planned and shopping list written soon after. With the boys at the excitable age of counting sleeps until the big day I should be relishing this time but nope, not one bit.

Maybe it will kick in later, oh hope of hopes. Next week, next Monday to be precise, I turn 35, this does not bother me too much, birthdays are birthdays and having one so close to Christmas has always been a bit of a curse ("Oh thank you Auntie for buying my Christmas and birthday present together, saved yourself some money there you cheapskate!") But since it started, every year on my birthday we have gone into Edinburgh to the German Christmas market.

Now these are not a patch on the real German ones, I highly recommend Wiesbaden if anyone is asking. The stalls are missing a certain something you can only get in mainland Europe, but I love going into Edinburgh anyway. If this doesn't inject that sense of joy then I don't know what will.

Oh and my plan to make friends and influence people has backfired. I join the school PSA only to be coersed (is that a word? It is if I say so) into a singalong with the rest of them on the last day of school. Shoot me now.

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Pewari Naan said...

I never start to feel the Christmas spirit until after about the 20th. Every year I think, that's it ... Christmas is dead to me now - I'm too old for Christmas. Then the 20th comes, I stick the Christmas songs on loud and paaaaartaaaaaaay ;)