Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh Me Oh My Oh Midget

Okay so the month has started and one week has whizzed by nearly. Someone mentioned Christmas cards, oh mercy I haven't even started them. What is up with me this year, I am just not getting into this?
I haven't done my usual of having cards written and parcels, well, parcelled on the 1st December, even the decorations are somewhat muted. Certainly not the proliferation of bad taste that the neighbours have gone in for. At some point you need to step back, look at what you are doing and say enough.

Worse of all is the fact that I have bought a prepared stuffed chicken roast from a supermarket, not even free range! How many people will notice that the dinner this year is not as good as last, or will they even notice? Husband is confused, he has gone all out this year in buying my presents, and he is quite chuffed that for once he has the one-up on me, but doesn't understand why my little Christmas light hasn't gone on.
Eldest hobbit has been given the part of the donkey in the school nativity while youngest is a traveller (don't know if this is his way of saying he is a servant for one of the three kings?) I was expecting to be asked to do a costume but all I have been requested to provide is a dark t and pair of trousers.

All I need for Christmas is to see the look on my hobbits faces when they get their presents off of Santa.

My plan is to redeem myself by making Nigella's ham in coca cola on Boxing Day when it is just the four of us.

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