Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just dance...gonna be okay...

The Hobbits had a dance recital at school this week.  Part of their gym class I suppose, I usually hear fragments of what is going on until the last minute but their gym teacher gives each class a theme and they do a little dance routine according to that theme.  Youngest Hobbit's class did a sort of Highland-crossed-with-Irish dance while Eldest Hobbit's class did a very impressive "kaleidescope" with his part being one of the green team.

All in all it was good fun.  I know the Hobbits love to dance although dance classes are completely out of the question as that is "girls stuff" and therefore not to be considered at all.  Which is a shame.  Still, while there is MTV there is always the opportunity to dance around the living room without a care in the world.

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