Sunday, December 06, 2009

Once again this time with feeling...

I'm keen on the concept of recycling so won't be ashamed of using a photo that is a couple of years old.  Particularly when that photo has Paris giving the evil side-eye from underneath the tree.  The decorations haven't changed much anyway.  Is this all sounding a bit ho-hum?

I don't mean to be, occasionally I will admit to having the same thoughts that were running through Paris's mind at time of capture here.  On the most though things are going fine at the moment and I won't say more than that as I wouldn't like to curse it all.

The presents are bought and hidden, the plans are being made and it will be a relief to stay at home all Christmas Day - I won't even pretend that it will be relaxing in any shape or form.  Oh hell where am I going with this.  I don't believe in New Years Resolutions but I do wish to nurture this little blog of mine a little more if only to write this tosh and not have it messing up around my weary head.

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