Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh crap

What did I say again?  New starts and all that - blah, blah, blah.  It feels like an endless rush at the moment.

On the plus side I have a lovely photograph of another Guide Dog pup (who lives with another walker but for whom I have always had a soft spot - point; for the dog and not the walker this soft spot occurs.  I do not travel down that particular route for relationships.  FFS get on with it...)

Yeah, so, I have a cute photo and I'm sure current Andrex hopeful lying snoozing on the rug at the moment is jealous.  I was hugging youngest Hobbit earlier after an incident where I accidentally bashed him on the head with the corner of a book (he moved forward, I was reaching toward the bookcase with said very-heavy book in hand - bang.)  Anywhatthehellissheontonight, much tears ensued and as I gave comfort to him I was getting big sad, look-at-me-mummy eyes from pooch.  He then dunks his head on my lap next to sniffling Hobbit, like I needed another hint.  Honestly.  But at the same point I couldn't do without.

I really need a decent night sleep, I think *that* is evident.  Especially from this rambling nonsense.  But then sometimes I like to think that as I send this out to the ether then someone might raise a smile from it.  Or call the men in white coats.  Whatever comes first.

Interestingly I have noticed that I no longer swear as much as I used to.  Except when I'm driving then I'm a right Gordon Ramsey.  But being a singleton without the stress of a dead weight marriage strangling you will do that I suppose.  Ah.

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