Sunday, May 01, 2011

Isn't it a lovely day

Let's get this straight from the start.  I'm not a Royalist.  I do think there are quite a few of them who would do best to get out and get themselves a proper job to earn their money.

But Friday's wedding was lovely.  I covet Kate's luxurious hair (how does she get it so shiny?)  I covet that dress.  I covet her happiness, her calm, her composure, her love that is returned.  I do not covet the life she will be leading with the paparazzi who, on seeing their behaviour as the lens is turned on them, are not in anyway human or humane.  I remember seeing her once being hounded to her car with one saying "you'll never marry him" just to get a photo of her looking upset (this was a few years ago.)

One of life's hardest lessons is just how cruel and callous people can be.  

Speaking of which and without a touch of irony it was nice to see that the ugly stepsisters turned up without their mother.

What the hell were Beatrice and Eugenie wearing?

Either mummy dearest did this as an act of revenge over not getting an invite or they need to put their (not-at-all-earned) money towards getting a personal shopper and stylist asap.  Someone, somewhere sold this to them and didn't snigger once as they trotted out the door.

Back on to the important couple.  They at least have had enough years together to know what love is and I hope they can modernise the whole crowd.  But as an ex-commoner, if their first child is a son, will he be the Half-Blood Prince?

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