Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll slip this card under the door

I can't leave it with a post like the last one.  I'm not that pathetic, oh wait, look at the theme for this one, yes I am.

Day 28: Movie with your favorite hero

Ta da!  

I'm reading about the definition of hero in literature just now and what exactly that encompasses and to be honest perhaps it is a personal thing.  There are many adaptations that could then be used for this purpose.  I could go modern with Lisbeth Salander or classic with Jane Eyre (or even Elizabeth Bennett?)  Or using pop culture I could go controversial with Hit Girl or childhood hero with Princess Leia or cult with River Tam (although my favourite character was the mechanically minded Kaylee). 

Instead I'm going to go back a bit, sorry another French film here (I've only ever spent a day in the country as well but I do like their films!)

I saw this when I was young enough to be impressionable.  I like the protagonist's attitude and the fact that nearly every American action film has stolen the look of the film (there was the inevitable remake *sigh*).  So as hero(ine)s come then she is most surely my favourite. 

Embarrassing fact:  I deliberately had my hair cut in this style hoping some of her uber-coolness would rub off.  It didn't.

Note: internet *still* not working properly so I can't check this clip out though I would very much like to!

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