Sunday, December 11, 2011

Enough Already With The Technology!

For this past year access to the internet in the Two If By Sea household has been, at best, fleeting.  The 30 Day movies thing has taken around four months to complete due to the dongle sucking up any and all download in a greedy, money-hungry manner.

So now I have to see what is causing the issue. 

You know, I don't live in a big, posh fancy house but there are plenty of people in this old town who do and I would have thought that all those lovely, lush customers would hold some sway in getting the exchange updated and the internet brought up to - oh at least 2007 standards.

Here I am, one week left of my thirties, *not* looking forward to the forties *at all* and I'd be as well returning to the typewriter and sending messages by carrier pigeon.

Since we moved we've had communication problems initially caused by the previous owner being a bit of a mare (thanks for telling us that the woman living next to us is an absolute nut - could really make it all legal but haven't the energy.)  The internet has never worked correctly and to be honest the person who did the wiring in the house was obviously a DIYer with absolutely no talent.  No kidding if I see one more half-hearted attempt at doing anything I'll scream - i.e. not one skirting board is finished properly, the workmanship is shoddy to say the least.  It does feel like I bought a big old lemon but now we're stuck with it for the moment and as many people are being made homeless for a while I am thankful for that.

Wish I was the optimistic, naive, altruistic kiddo I used to be before a rotten marriage and life wore me down to this grumpy version!  She's still there somewhere, perhaps life will begin again at 40?  See, a little glimmer...

I can't check the following video properly without spending more than I'd wish to on access (times being hard in the old bank balance as always.)

Day 26 - Movie you're most embarrassed to say you like

Well now, I have a front like Blackpool after parenting for nearly 10 years now.  You try and keep your dignified air when your child is going for the brat of the month award in the supermarket (no, they don't grow out of it.)

As has been seen by the previous entries I love a whole mix of movies from the frothy to the deeply moving.  This movie I'd say I'm embarrassed to admitting to watching as most of it is utter, unbelievable cack.

There are stories within though that are truly heart-rending.  These stories do not involve Hugh Grant or Keira Knightley.

Watch this film and see Emma Thomson wrench the heart of any woman watching as she realises the gorgeous present her husband has bought was not intended for her.  Grimace at the loneliness of Laura Linney as she struggles to have a life beyond her family commitments.

The other stories range from "meh" (Colin Firth) to "oh for crap sake!" (Hugh).  I could really have done with concentrating on Emma and Laura's character stories and the rest...

If embarrassment is fast forwarding through most of a film then I give you...Love Actually....

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