Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bit windy out...

There are many uncomfortable ways to awaken in the morning.  That awful feeling you have forgotten something important.  That tingly feeling caused by sleeping heavily on one part of your body, i.e. the dead arm, the cricked neck.  That realisation you are not dreaming there is an extra long freight train passing on the railway track that is a mile or so away, the noise is real.

Pick the last one, that is what I heard in the wee dark hours of whatever o'clock it was.  

At the beginning of December we had the grandly announced hurricane that caused a minimal amount of damage despite the general public being assured that it was very windy out indeed.  As will be seen from the upcoming photographic evidence a rather wobbly couple of fencing panels fell over from our neighbour's garden.

Last night I heard but not a peep about any up and coming contender for the windiest day of the winter.  Our poor elderly neighbours two-doors down have lost most of their roof and the slates are stabbed into our grass.  They've also lost a portion of fencing which at some point flew across the gardens beheading the neighbours whirly-gig as it passed the already downed fencing panels, one of our washing line posts impaled the fencing allowing it to crash down and squish the other fence.

All in all at least it wasn't the bloody roof.

This used to be their playground...


Oh but there is more!


On other news.  I have decided that there is no way that mother is coming home on Monday.  If this results in us losing this house then so be it.  I cannot cope with her, she is not able to come home still incontinent and unable to hold a cup of hot tea.  I won't be here 24/7 to watch over her and it may sound cruel but I have a feeling that the social work department have timed this so I wouldn't be able to ask for help and once she is dumped at home that will be it.

I go to the Docs on Thursday, I need backup.  If I'm too sick to work I'm too sick to care for her properly.  Once I'm fit then ok, we can deal with it then but until that point there is no use my stressing out, being physically sick over it.  

I spoke to someone once in this position.  They confirmed that once social work have gotten them home then the carer is left pretty much to deal with it and to fight tooth and nail for any help or advice at all.  As far as I can see this hasn't been done at all correctly, I wasn't involved in any of the arrangements which will impact on me and my children.  I cannot cope with a fight with the social work department but they have been very sly about this so let battle commence.

Argh what a fricking mess it all is but I have to stay strong and make sure I deal with my illness first, what is it they say on airplanes - put your own oxygen mask on before attending to anyone else.

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