Thursday, January 12, 2012

So I'm doing this now...

Only we won't be doing nudes (at least I don't think we will) and we have not taken up Victorian garb and I certainly am not ready for the paints yet.

In an endeavour to straighten out my frazzled existence and to try and find some calm in the current rough sea (I'm trying to be polite and not explode into a rant about the f**king social worker who is mucking about with mother.)  This is my answer and, after my first dip into the world of art in a few years, I have chosen well.

Two hours, in the company of older, more well-heeled women than I might not sound fun but it was the quickest two hours of the week.  As I focused on the little seed pods, trying to get the shading right, I lost the pain and worry that has been the black hound at my back this past disappeared completely.

Utter bliss.

*The Women's Life Class - Alice Barber Stephens, circa. 1879

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