Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Who knew Rabbit would be such a little sh*t?  Long live the Dragon (for the next year at least.)

I am not a Dragon, indeed in a more than coincidental throw of the dice I am a Pig.  Yes, quite.  This year, according to the rather natty little calendar I was given by our local Chinese takeaway, is going to be a good one for us Piggies and I can't say it isn't about bloody time.  As it is positive I am going to ignore the origins of the calendar and believe in it wholeheartedly (for it doesn't have such a happy forecast for all the animals, but let's not concern ourselves with them.)

It is a pity that dragons are more legend than truth - although if they were real it would be more Reign of Fire than Dragonheart for sure.  They are a powerful symbol worldwide.  The Hobbits once had a lovely children's book with pop-up dragon pictures and stories, unfortunately a wicked witch stole it away (or rather a neighbour in our old town"borrowed" it and never bothered returning.)

See I initially wanted to use this as a light-hearted take on the dragon...

but then I came across this...

So Idris or Soupdragon, take your pick.  I was raised by Oliver Postgate*, don't get me started on Bagpuss.

*Don't be ridiculous of course I wasn't actually, physically raised but nearly every fond tv memory of my tiny years has a Postgate character involved.

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