Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your Opinion Counts

...but only if you agree with the general consensus.  If you don't you may find yourself ridiculed, excluded and made to feel a bit grim.

Despite the fact that life at the moment is more than challenging enough I do like banging my head against a brick wall it would seem.  By spouting my very own opinion online there is a danger that, by going against the current, you bring all sorts of trouble down on your head.

The pack can turn and it turns on you.

Not nice but then, if you were to agree just to be seen to be agreeing (and I have a feeling some do - in a 'look at me, look at me, I'm one of you too!' way) would that not be worse?

I know I'm not socially adept enough to skip away when I should.  I blunder in, say my piece, take the consequences.  I have my opinions, I have my prejudices, some are not correct, some are based on beliefs that are hard for others to understand but I await the debate to show me the other side.  Once that debate gets to the point of mud slinging and hysteria the argument is lost and I pay no more attention to them.

Banging your head against a brick wall only gives you a sore head!

I never learn.

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