Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And Another Thing

I named this blog in an attempt to remind myself that no matter how bad things sometimes get that it won't last forever and I should really concentrate on the bright things. (Of course reading this, maybe I've not been listening to my own advice).

However, considering that it has been raining nearly non stop since November it does feel like the weather is trolling me.

Productivity needs a kick up the backside, I need to get something done, dull grey skies be damned!

The photo that inspired 'It's Not Always Raining' - when little dudes were stuck inside we'd find something fun to do instead.  We didn't let the rain ruin our day - time to relearn that lesson. (Last note: I'd love to go back and give those lovely boys a huge cuddle! Teens have a tendency to greet a mum cuddle with rolled eyes and 'oh, mum'. I have entered embarrassing mum territory.)

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