Saturday, January 02, 2016

Small Things

Make this bunny extremely happy.  So, being the fusspot that I am, it takes me ages to find a calendar and diary for the upcoming year.  (Yes, old fashioned me still likes to have a diary as well as the electronic helpers on my mobile phone to keep me on target). 

I never usually am 100% satisfied with what I end up with but this year, at the very last minute, I have this joy to look at. An entire calendar of Scottish wildlife starting with this cheery chap - I love sketching hares, have never seen one in real life. Or I don't think I have, plenty of rabbits but they dash away so quickly perhaps I have mistaken one for the other.  I certainly haven't seen a mountain one in it's winter finery.

Mr January - the Mountain hare

Every time I walk into the kitchen there he is, and it makes me happier than a photo on a stupid calendar should.  So there we have the small things and I'm at the point now where I don't care if it makes me sound daft or whatever, if it makes me smile, it's worth it.

For my own pleasure I'll be sharing each month on here, although once the year is finished I feel the images will be going straight in my sketching scrapbook for future reference.

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