Monday, January 04, 2016

Teenage Kicks

I feel I should begin to make some altar or shrine in front of "Mountain Hare of January" in order that I don't feel quite so ridiculous admiring it every day. Then someone, in a rather good Facebook group I'm part of, posts an actual, real life video of a real life mountain hare, in all his (or her) real life twitchy nose glory. Maybe I need to add a rabbit to the menagerie but I think with dog, cats and gecko it might be overkill.

Two days until the Twin Teens go back to school. I've decided that's their new moniker, no one was getting the 1 of 2/ 2 of 2 reference and individually they'll still be Eldest and Youngest (separated by a whole minute of doctor fishing around in the womb to pull the other out).

I miss the days of Hobbits though, small, cute and with large (if not hairy) feet. The fact they now take a larger shoe size at age 14 than my 5'10" dad did as an adult shows that latter distinctive feature is, as my mother would have said, showing they "have a good grip of Scotland".

Now we've entered a new phase.

Fourteen seems a huge jump from thirteen where I could still imagine them as my little men. I now have conversations in grunts or revolving around computer games I have no knowledge of (managed to impress Eldest and his friends by my "skills" as a sniper in a Star Wars PC game - this is what it has come to!)  I don't really mind it to be honest, I have that guilty mum itch that they've spent too long on said computer games during this Christmas holiday although considering it's been blowing a hoolie outside the entire time I'll allow it.

I can't really throw them out to play with - sorry - hang out with friends in case one of them ends up being carried away to Norway in the wind.

Eldest, in particular, has morphed into The Boy Who Only Leaves His Room For Food.  Yet as his best friend moved down to Liverpool a while back, and he enjoys linking up with him online to play games and chat, I can't complain. Actually, I quite like some of the games he plays, all this city building and stuff, not Minecraft, that's "for babies" (they still play it - presumably sarcastically.) He was asking how they navigated the sea in medieval times on one of his trips to the kitchen.

I sometime think how lovely it would have been to have another baby. I think I regret not having another yet what I really regret is that I have no way to travel back in time and enjoy some of our days, when they were tiny. I'm glad no one can take that experience away from me, I'm glad I stayed at home with them but I just wish for another day.

Hobbits: Jaysus mother would you grab some make-up or something,
you look like the living dead. Anyone would think you hadn't slept -
Me: -------

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