Thursday, January 14, 2016

Celebrity Death Year - 2016 Edition

No kidding, this isn't funny any more.

This year is only 14 days old and not only have we been shocked and surprised by the loss of a musical great (two for those who love Motorhead's lead singer, Lemmy - apart from 'Ace of Spades' I'm kind of meh about that one) but today I go online and see this:

I mean really 2016, who is next? It's like all bets are off and we should maybe hide David Attenborough until this year is over, although it seems age is not a factor but that big old c*** cancer who steals all the best people too early.

Is this that Rapture that the religious folk were waiting for a few years back?  Only instead of some self-righteous pious types it's these cultural icons - and I don't use that term loosely, I mean Bowie was a musical inspiration for generations and Alan Rickman an actor who could make you believe anything. I now hear that he was with his other half for 50 years and that says everything you would need to know about his true character and not the ones he played.

When 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' was released (1991) I went along to see it with friends in a lovely, little cinema off Byres Road, Glasgow. Watching the film I couldn't help but think the 'evil' Sheriff was a lot more interesting than the wet, American drawling Robin Hood.

But I think this makes the perfect epitaph because it made a secret girly crush completely justifiable. 

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