Thursday, November 09, 2006

Be A Good Little Mummy Now

Since the boys started school in August I had made up my mind to use my time usefully. Well, it was supposed to be in conjunction with beginning my OU degree but as a stay-at-home-mum I felt duty bound to join the PSA committee.

God, does that place me in the realms of the UberMum? Not yet, I haven't even achieved Yummy Mummy status and do not really want to either.

I was surprised at the first meeting that out of a school population of over 400 there were a grand total of about 10 members. Still, I have stuck by it which is how I found myself agreeing to spend this morning sorting out the Christmas card designs and money. The pupils have the chance to design and get printed their very own cards, some of the cards were really good considering the age of the children. I wonder if there was parental involvement at some level. Anyway at £6 per 12 cards it was a bit expensive for us, I know we could have participated but I have had so much to deal with lately that truth be told I couldn't be arsed getting the Hobbits to do it!

Would anyone want a Cyberman/Dalek inspired Christmas card anyway?

Seeing the amount of responses (although thankfully in both Hobbit classes there wasn't as much) I felt a tad ashamed. I promise to do this next year.

Oh bugger, I said Christmas. See I never keep my word where that is concerned.

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