Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mummy Boasting Thread

Eldest Hobbit ran out of school yesterday all excited about a certificate he had been given. This is the school's annual book week and I had been feeling embarrassed that I hadn't gone or participated in any way. There was a day that they were going to a book stall in the school with the chance to buy but I am ashamed to say I only remembered about it the next day!

So eldest Hobbit, it turns out, has been recognised for his talent in reading and was one of the finalists in the Book Week competition. There were two from each class, the others in Primary 1 all being girls naturally (there are 2 P1 classes, 3 if you include the composite class with Primary 2.) He was called up during school assembly and given his certificate by the headmaster who seems to know every child and most of the parents. I suppose that is his job.

He is so proud and I am so proud of him. I love seeing him so happy and he keeps saying "mummy I have a ce-tifi-kit!" (I didn't say he was great at pronunciation!) In a climate where competition is frowned upon I think it is good for children to be awarded like this. And I can speak as someone with a child who didn't get anything. Youngest Hobbit is fine though, he is happy for his brother but not, thankfully jealous. Young Jedi has learned well.

As an award I decided to build his Playmobil space station that has been sitting in a cupboard since last December 25th. I am testing his patience...just kidding.

Three hours it took me...

Three hours.

But they love it. And there is plenty more Playmobil in that cupboard for this Chris...December 25th to keep me busy.

I have an assessment due in at the end of this week for my OU course. How far d'you think I have gotten? Not one word. Must get a wriggle on.

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