Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ma Cherie No More

One could wish...

I love seeing how Cherie Blair portrays herself, it just shows how far from truth these people get. She loves to think of herself as a role model for women but if I had a daughter this gurning freeloader is the last person I would want her to look up to!

I nearly wet myself laughing when she gave that lovely speech about juggling balls (presumably Tony's) and how hard it is to be a mother etc. etc. I will remember that when it is my turn to buy my sons a dodgy deal flat, oh that is right, in reality most people can't afford one home let alone buying ones for the kids.

She is doing her Superwoman/mother act again in the papers, and I have to admit, I didn't bother reading the article. I leave reading fairytales to the Hobbits' bedtimes. I would never have thought I could say this, and this is despite the fact I have supported neither party but at least with the Tories you knew you were dealing with swine. New Labour have brought pigs-at-the-trough politics to a whole new (low) level.
The past ten years have seen so many chances missed, so much opportunity wasted and so many lies told without shame. I cannot understand how anyone believes in them anymore.

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