Sunday, February 26, 2012

And with the mild winter...

...come the giant spiders again.  I mean really is there no respite from these buggers?  I have no issue with spidey being outside, in fact last year there were a bunch of quite sweet ones making their home on the decking.

But do not, I repeat, do not invade my space and expect to survive.  Although I hate to I cannot leave them alone, they have to die.  Bad karma but I do warn them (don't laugh this works) not to come in the house - some listen but some are stupid.  If I don't get them then their fate lies with Little Miss Kittie, who loves nothing better than to chomp on an eight-legged beastie.  I'm thinking some are not as tasty as others as she leaves the crumpled body as evidence, mostly though it is a leg or two.  Crunchy.

Yesterday I felt elated, the ridiculous elation of someone who has grown tired of being tired.  I made crispie cakes, no big deal, takes about 10 minutes maximum, more if I have to fend off hungry Hobbits.  But for me it is a big deal now.  I fight against this thing, this malaise, even though - to be honest - I'd rather never return to work in that place.  

I fight against it to get the strength to break free, to follow what I want to do.  This can only make me stronger as has all the other crap I've dealt with over the past few years.  I look on it like this and it doesn't seem so bad anymore.


Crispie cakes.


Now if I get back to regular banana bread making (example below) I will have achieved something and Hobbits will be ecstatic.

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