Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unlikeliest of friendships

Dog and cat.  Or one of them anyway.  The other two cats...well, tolerate the presence of dog with barely disguised distaste.  In typical dog fashion this never deters the utter joy he has in welcoming everyone, even when he awakes from sleep - he is always happy to see us.

This cat, the cat of the devil.  Many a smashed plate and tipped bin can be blamed on him.  He has, on one daring afternoon, snatched the sandwich from my hand.  His sister watches with disbelief that they are in any way related.  Our older cat, of no relation to either, continually puts him in his place, i.e. not in charge.

It is trivial things like this that make our family.  Pets are non human family members and it is good for people to remember that.

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