Monday, February 27, 2012

I Done A Drawing (again)

Will have a word about photographic quality control but I was moderately pleased with the reaction from Hobbits and friends on showing them this...

Seascape in pastels.  Yes I did roll it.  Yes that was a mistake.  No I've not covered it in hairspray yet to protect it from further smudging and when I do I'll press it between a couple of heavy books and that will sort the fetching crimping out of the paper.

I'm working on another at the moment, I do enjoy the messy nature of pastels, more colour ends up on me than on the finished product.  Next thing I move on to is paints.  The only paints I've ever used was the cheap crap poster paints way back in ancient school days and the cheap squeezy tubes I buy for the Hobbits artistic endeavours.  Excited much?

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