Monday, February 20, 2012

List Less

Considering everything, I really should make an effort to get back on track, to reorganise until I know where I'm at again.

I should write lists.

But to see it all written down I fear would be truly frightening.

Let's not scare the horses just yet.  Slowly and surely I need to recover all that I have lost, I need to restructure where I can and I need a plan that will work so I can get out of this rut and into a comfortable way of life for me and mine.

I have a meeting with Little Hitler social worker tomorrow, the day will be over quickly I hope.

Yesterday we went to the Royal Museum in Edinburgh.  It has lost a lot of the appeal it once had, I miss the fish and the old fashioned layout although I do appreciate that there are a lot more exhibits on display.  The new cafe is rank though, to the long gone fish I will add Soup├žon,  the little cafe tucked into the back of the museum serving delicious bowls of soup to icy Edinburghers.  Sometimes change is not for the better.

Bye bye fishes.

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