Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Um...have a nice Lupercalia day?

Because rather than cards and chocolates I could be doing with ridding myself of "evil spirits."

No, I've not gone full on pagan.  Not quite anyway.

Today was bright, beautiful and a little bit on the cold side for Spring but still...We ventured into the local woods, as much as we could considering most of the paths are blocked from the trees fallen victim to the winds of a month or so ago.  It raises the soul to wander without purpose (other than walking the dog) on such a day and all my many cares and worries can disappear into the distance.

I know I am in the right, I know what needs to be done and I know that no matter what this is just yet another obstacle to overcome.  I hope that this is one of the last obstacles I have to cross as it is getting tiresome waiting for the good times to roll round.  In the wheel of fortune I seem to be on a constant dip.

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