Friday, September 04, 2015

And On To Day Six (Habit Forming This)

Five ways to win your heart

As soon as I read that I had a good internal chuckle to myself.  For me, since that episode in 2007 when everything relationship wise went South, I haven't really bothered.  After a while it just seemed to make sense to stay single, I had the boys as my priority and my self esteem and trust were shot to pieces.  Who would be patient enough to put up with that.  Plus now, with the ME/CFS, that's more than someone would want to contend with, I'm used to my own company and don't get any attention in that direction.

So all this is hypothetical as it is never going to happen but let's have some fun anyway.

When I was younger I used to say that I would want someone who loved me not only for who I am but who I could be.  Still true.

I'm honest to the point of tactlessness, I need honesty but I need someone who can just reign me in a little, gently and without being overbearing.

A sense of adventure, that is such a cliché but to have someone who enjoyed travelling around as much as I did would be necessary. Nothing stupid though, I said sense of adventure, that doesn't go extreme, I like looking at hills and buildings, not throwing myself off them tied to a bungee.

Treat me well and it will be reciprocated. As a nurturing nurturer (it's a word if I say it is) I can't help wanting to look after people and make them happy, to have that acknowledged with a smile, a touch of the hand...

Read me like a book. It's not an interesting story but I am full of quirks and that can be annoying so to have that recognised, accepted and loved despite it all would be amazing.  Plus, this is completely materialistic but to have that man know to buy me stupid things I like; a palette for my paints; other art supplies; a knick-knack I saw and admired. It doesn't have to be expensive, it often isn't (palettes are less than £2) but heartfelt and meaningful. In fact a beautiful seashell, stone, all free yet could lift the spirits indefinitely because it meant something.  I have done this many times myself for people and would love to be on the receiving end of someone who can read a wishlist, just once, so I know how it feels like.

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