Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 16 - Ye Dancin'?

Something that you miss -

As it is a thing rather than a person I'm going to go for something I do look forward to going back to when my health returns.


There is no way I would have gone to a dance class but with Zumba talent is not needed.  I absolutely loved my Zumba on Mondays and, if I had the time, Thursdays too.  My whole day had a bounce to it and even now hearing one of the songs has me doing a little jig in my seat.

I do have Just Dance, that Wii game, bought before the illness started.  Sons and I used to have competitions to see how many we could do and who would get the highest score, it was great fun.  I do occasionally pop it on and can sometimes get one song done before enough.

But Zumba was a way to excise my desire to dance without making a fool of myself in front of 'serious' dancers and there are always a few at classes who don't take it as a hobby!  It didn't matter if I got the steps wrong or didn't keep time because the music kept going and we were on to the next.  I always wanted to try flamenco dancing and these classes had a bit of everything.

Plus dancing for exercise makes you bum round and waist trim.  Ha.

When looking for videos for examples I note that each Zumba teacher must make up their own routines but this video was the closest I could find to one we actually did.

So I decided to also add my favourite Just Dance routine (meaning about the only one I could actually beat my sons at!)

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