Friday, September 25, 2015

I Wrote A Letter To Day Twenty-three

...and on the way I dropped it.

Write a letter to someone, anyone -

I used to write letters, back in the days where penpals were the only contact with the rest of the world. To me it is a deeply personal thing.

I'm not saying that as a cop out or because I'm deadly tired. 

The letter is written in my atrocious handwriting, what needed to be said has been. It can never be sent, it will never be read but as a writing exercise is was cathartic.

Perhaps I will destroy the letter or hide it away in a drawer where I'll find it some day and unlock those emotions again with each word.  In the age of over sharing allow me this indulgence. Although this blog is possibly for my eyes only so the contents would be perfectly safe, a letter is best written by hand.

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