Saturday, September 12, 2015

Someone To Watch Over Him - Day 13

Perhaps it's strange that while I'm firmly in the agnostic camp when it comes to faith there is one thing I do believe in and that is guardian angels.  No, I don't mean feathery winged types but there have been a few times in my life where I've narrowly escaped something major that should have happened.  I won't explain it further just now as I'm thinking my sons have similar and if I were to assign it to anyone, I would think their grandpa was looking out for them.

Today, for several hours, I was in the A&E department of the local hospital with Eldest.  It was something that could have had serious consequences, on phoning the NHS helpline we were directed to go immediately there.  Luckily it sorted itself out but may occur again.  On the way home Eldest commented that this isn't the first time were a scary illness has been warded off him.

Meanwhile another few grey hairs for auld mum and another few months off my life.  I let some people down today, because I had to go to the hospital and I'll chew myself up about that for a while. Eldest is fine and that is all that matters.

What are you excited about?

Excited...well, as I'm not going on holiday this year then I have to scale it down a notch.  Usually at this time we're on the last few weeks before a week sponging up the sunshine and enjoying having someone else cook, clean and generally be responsible.  Come December I will feel it, the endless trudge of days.

So, what excites me just now - decent art supplies, a project to hand and an afternoon to spend indulging myself.
Never mind wish you were here, wish this was me!

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