Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 18 - Oh Look, A List!

Post 30 Facts About Yourself

  1. I like being born in December
  2. Love being a mum to twins, I'd have been very happy to have triplets too
  3. My bucket list is full of strange things
  4. I wish I could recapture the feeling of Christmas when I was young
  5. The smell of a sunny day in late autumn is the best thing
  6. I really don't like seeing other people's feet
  7. If I could afford to I'd go on holiday every chance I could
  8. The company of animals is my preferred choice these days
  9. I'm very opinionated
  10. And stubborn
  11. I like to perform random acts of kindness for no reason at all (hence the name random)
  12. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to live in another country, be from another country
  13. I have never been loved by a man (I wasn't related to that is, I mean lusty love not family!)
  14. I am rubbish at starting and maintaining a conversation nine times out of ten
  15. I don't own a Kindle (other electronic books are available for rejection) nor do I intend to
  16. I'd like to be a published author one day
  17. I'd like to sell some of my artwork too for that matter
  18. People don't get me
  19. Being a stay-at-home mum was (despite rubbish marriage) the best job I've done
  20. I'd like to be content
  21. I really don't like driving but I have to, if I could I'd bike and take the train everywhere
  22. Sometimes I like to stop and just take it all in
  23. I want to be better at speaking other languages
  24. I once thought of becoming a photographer
  25. My dad's family reportedly descend from Huguenot stock
  26. I own many books, don't ask me to give any of them up
  27. I like being European but have never thought of myself as British, am a republican too
  28. I hate it when people sing to each other, even worse if they sing at me *cringe*
  29. I can bend my fingers right back
  30. I'm quite a good painter and decorator but I can't wallpaper to save myself!
I'm fairly boring so as actual facts would have run out after about number ten then I've padded the list with various nonsense.

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