Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day Ten is "Hump Day" in a Busy Busy Week

It's getting to the point of the week where I'm thinking I've missed days and I haven't.  This is the busiest week I've had in a long time and I'll be glad of a few hours with nothing to do.  I didn't really want to write about this in a tired frame of mind, that's when the ME/CFS brain fog is at it's worst so this will be a take it or leave it post that will probably need edited later.

Write about something for which you feel strongly:

The older I get, the more I prefer the company of animals and while there are a couple of topics that have me grasping for the correct words to show my feelings on the subject I'd have to say that nature is a top priority.

That sounds like a wide area, lots of meandering roads leading to one big issue and it is but when all is said and done I hate how we treat this world.

The animals, the land, it all has to bend to us.  I've recently started researching who owns Scotland via this man, having heard him speak on the subject and it is fascinating and horrifying in equal measures.  I had previously read about our beautiful highlands, far too much of which is owned by a handful of establishment figures for their own "pleasure" rather than for the good of the land and the people who no longer live on it.

The ecological destruction, the deforestation of native pine woods to the point where only 1% remain and raptors are continually poisoned is not how it should be.  Landowners would rather see thousands upon thousands of acres of the highlands scorched so they can go shoot a few pheasants (or a few peasants, they'd probably not be bothered).  There was a really good article I read which I now can't find but I will and link it here.

While it burns my soul to see Scotland like this I feel equally as passionate about the rest of the world too.  Who can possibly look at country size gaps in the Amazon rainforest and not understand how serious that is?  The lungs of the world and we've taken up smoking 100 a day.

While we fuck over the land we're equally as irresponsible with the wildlife so let's not even go near the disgraceful concept of 'canned hunts' and the inadequates who feel the need to participate in them.  Hunting for food is different, hunting for sport is moronic.  We've hunted many species to extinction, many others to the point of extinction.  We're really useless as guardians of this world.

I mean, we invented a weapon that can destroy all life, including ourselves and we supposedly intelligent monkeys have stockpiles of these weapons to threaten each other with.  If there are aliens visiting us they must wondered what the hell we're about.

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